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 -Eurohome24.com has been designed in such a way to facilitate and help your property

listings/promotion whether it’s for sale, rent, lease or exchange quickly and inexpensive.

 -You can search for property you are interested in World.

 -You can advertise  /post your business Now......




  • STEP 1

  • - Register

  • - Fill out the Register form

  • - Accept Terms of Use

  • - The Register form is saved and sent to the site admin

  • - The Site Admin accepts the register according to the information submitted

  • STEP 2

  • - In order to post a listing (property etc) log in using your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

  • - From the menu choose  Add Property . Complete the form (one or more) and save.

  • - From the menu choose Users/Property Management make any necessary corrections and save.

  • - Choose the type of property you would like to post and ask to be accepted.

  • - Payment Information for listings is provided from the main menu choose CONTACT/Payment Methods which is according to your choice concerning time duration display.

  • - Once payment has been made choose addition/Depost Data fill out the form and send.
  • - Your listing/Post will be posted once the bank has confirmed payment.

  • STEP 3
  •  -You can correct/change your listing by choosing from the main menu Users /Property management save any changes and continue advertising.

  •    STEP 4
  •   -Time duration for property listings is  2 months/3 months and 6 months.

  • STEP 5

  • -If a deal has been reached before the time durations of display has expired you can remove your listing. 




  •  -From the menu choose  Businesses / worldbiz24.com 

     -Time duration for business listings is 6 months and 12 months. 

         -Free registration   (with title, category, address, telefon)



    • STEP 1

    • - In order to register a Real Estate Company two emails are required (one from the management and one from the agent of the Real Estate Company).

    • - From the main menu choose Real Estate Companies / Reg-tion R.E.company.

      - Register the Real Estate Company (using the same email).

    • - Save the Register Form.

    • - The Register Form is sent to the site admin.

    • - The site Admin reviews and accepts your registration.
    • STEP 2

    • - In order to list properties (a) Users/Agents of a real estate company should register by choosing the real estate company they belong to and (b) Log in using USERNAME and PASSWORD.

    • From the main menu choose Add Property, Add fill out the form (one or more) and SAVE.
    • - From the menu Users/ go to property management make any necessary changes and save.
    • - The company’s management chooses the property listings he/she wishes to be posted.
    • - Payment is made to the bank accounts information which is shown by choosing Contact/Payment methods according to your choice consuming time duration of listings (we review and fill out your listings).
    • - Once payment has been made from the main menu choose ADDITION/Deposit Data complete the form and send.
    • - Once the bank has confirmed payment, property listings will be posted in due time.

          STEP 3

    • - All listings are reviewed before being posted.
    • STEP 4

    • -Time duration for Real Estate Companies is  2 months/ 3 months and 6 months. 



      - Go to home page

      -   Choose Users .

      -    Choose property management.

      -    You can now post/ list alters, remove, correct your entry (save).



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